How did you end up where you are right now?

Did you think being in practice as long as you have, would have yielded different results?

Can you afford to take a holiday to rest and recharge?

Is the stress of running your practice worth it?

Has tirelessly serving others, both patients and employees, left you on the verge of exhaustion?

Do you want greater control and understanding of where you are and where you are heading



And by the way, you are not alone.

Since learning about becoming effective CEOs of their practices, Dr Mark Pearce and Andrew Cameron have encountered many other wonderful practitioners struggling. Struggling to find time with their families, struggling to take a holiday, struggling to understand why they are not where they should be or where they thought they would be.

Whitehall Australia is designed to help practitioners get a clear picture of who they are and where they are and to help give clarity on there they are heading and how to CHANGE course.

Whitehall Australia is not about jihad tactics to artificially grow your practice, nor watering down our unique concepts.
If instead, you have a hankering to learn how to create a dynamic team, with tools to give you direction and certainty, and support for yourself and your developing team, the feel free to give us a call.

Allow Whitehall Australia’s directors share their journey of what works and does not work in creating thriving and fun practices. Prepare to buckle up and enjoy the ride. Read more about us

If you are ready for a change email us.